The Basic Telecom Diploma is designed to familiarizing new entries to fundamentals of telecom. An overview of the generations of mobile network while introducing new concepts and terminologies in telecom like frequency, bandwidth, RF, E1s, multiplexing, abis, um, etc.
Network elements of a GSM network like MS, BTS, Radio, PDH, SDH, BSC, and MSC will be analyzed with a view to understanding Call Setup and Call Completion processes. Practical attention is paid to how equipments are installed or configured on GSM Networks.

This package deals with the entire GSM Engineering Course and BTS Installation


Job & Career Opportunity

Job opportunities exist with Telecom Operators such as MTN, Airtel, Glo & Etisalat as a Field Support Engineer (FSE) or Field Operations Engineer (FOE).

Good career advancement is also available with Telecom OEMs (Ericsson, Huawei ZTE) and Telecom Third Party Tower Providers (IHS, SWAP, Helios Towers) and Telecom Subcontractors (GenieNG, Adroit, Interkel, Tenda, Que Edge, Noctek, New Gen, Huaxin, Acute, Simi Debis, Safari Telecoms, Trussnet, Elaren, Tembo, Fastwork etc.


Job Description/Responsibilities

As a Field Support Engineer (FSE) or Field Operations Engineer (FOE), the job description/responsibities are not limited to the following:

  • Ensure that the overall network availability meets the pre-set targets as laid out by Management through efficient resolution of all network faults.
  • Ensure that all preventive, corrective and configuration job orders are duly implemented according to the Job/Work Order process.
  • Carry out routine preventive maintenance of the network elements (BSS, Power and Access Transmission) according to approved checklist.
  • To verify all reported network faults (Power, BSS, Transmission) as escalated by NMC and attend to it within defined KPI based on Site Classification.
  • Provide actual, detailed and concise Clearing details to NMC whenever a fault has been cleared.
  • Provide First Line Maintenance/Intervention also for Backbone Sites, Transmission Hub Sites, and Satellite Hub Sites  and ensure that all un-resolved transmission fault are promptly escalated to the Transmission Networks Department for resolution.
  • Receive fully accepted sites from the Implementation Team with the respective acceptance test documents and un-resolved non-quality affecting snag items.
  • Sending faulty network equipment/units for repairs and keeping a record of spare stock.
  • Responsible for configuring and resolving all BSS external alarms systems.
  • Maintaining the Installation Database and Site Records.
  • Take delivery of diesel as well as the monitoring of diesel consumption on site providing report accordingly to the  departments responsible for diesel supply coordination.


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