AccessCard for Automated Fare Payment & Collection System

AccessCard for Automated Fare Payment & Collection System is an ALL-IN-ONE solution developed to drive Urban Transportation Services with Technology.

It is an all-encompassing solution targeted but not limited to the following services.

  • Card Security & Services
  • System Integration & Data Management Services
  • Value Added Services (VAS), Surveillance & Remote Supervision
  • Connect Bus Fleet Management
  • Spare Parts ManagementServices (SPMS), Repair & Fault Management



Card Security & Services

This service deploys "AccessCard", a plastic card with an imbedded microchip and antenna operating at radio frequency (RF) to interact with a reader without physical contact, for commuters in Urban transportation to pay for rides.

The microchip holds passenger account information and the antenna (a loop of cooper wire around the edge of the card) picks up power from the signal sent out by the card reader. The signal is an electromagnetic field, when a card enters this field it is powered 'on'. The chip and the reader communicate with each other using an encrypted language. The reader can then 'introduce itself' to the card. Only when the card recognizes the reader will it 'reply' with a coded data transfer. The card reader then confirms that payment has been accepted. This happens instantaneously.

It is easy to use, convenient, fast, cheap, versatile, durable and a useful life of approximately 5 years.


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