CyberAccess Networks has established a formal in-house Quality Assurance and Control System that meets International quality standards to meet all clients’ requirements. The company is seriously working towards ISO 9001 Certification and quality listing by the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON). As part of the Company’s commitment to quality system in all areas of its business activities, some management as well as project staff has to undergo quality auditing course with SON.


CyberAccess Network Limited, during the execution of all her projects ensures that its policy to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all her employees is maintained. This also extends to the surrounding work environments.
The prevention of all accidents, particularly those involving personal injury or damage to property are recognized as being essential to efficient operation as well as to avoid hardship and suffering. While the overall policy responsibility for safety rests at the highest management level, all individual at every level will have responsibilities for carrying out the policy. With this in mind, employee should report potential hazards and observe safety rules, procedures and codes of work practices.
CyberAccess retains the services of good clinics to cater for her employees and also ensure that adequate medical services are provided to cover all our operations. Employees of CyberAccess are also encouraged to participate in voluntary First Aid training and other training programs.
CyberAccess is committed to ensuring clean and healthy environment especially in the course of work. Every effort will be concentrated towards minimization of noise, dust and other pollution agents released during our jobs. It is expected of every CyberAccess employee to provide healthy, sate and environmentally acceptable conditions both at work and at home.


It is the policy of the company to carry out its activities in such a manner that no fatality or serious injuries or damage to property occurs. Every necessary step shall be taken to safeguard all who work for us including third party.
Positive attitudes to safety shall be rewarded and negative ones frowned upon. Detailed safety procedures must be put in place and site management held accountable for its implementation on site.
In order to ensure an enviable safety performance, the following strategies will be adopted:
1. The continuous identification of all accident causes.
2. The control of accident causes.
3. The minimization of accident losses.


Since work may affect any or every system of the human body, it is therefore essential that early recognition of health hazards is established, monitored and controlled. The company places great emphasis on the promotion of the total health concept and the protection of the workers. All our employees must be certified medically fit before employment and annual medical examination is conducted accordingly.
More so, it is expected of every employee to guide against unhealthy and environmentally unacceptable conditions both at work and at home.


The company is also committed to ensure appropriate measures for the protection of its working environment form theft and sabotage. This is achieved through restriction of unauthorized personnel into office location and work sites. Security personnel so engaged by the company in its location/project sites are to ensure the security of personnel, machinery, vehicles, work tools and equipment employed for projects execution. In this regard, every necessary step shall be taken to safeguard all who work for us including third parties.


The following personnel protective equipment shall be provided to all service engineers to enable them to work effectively and to enhance safety which is our utmost priority in business operations.
Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE)
Each personnel will be provided with the following PPE where appropriate:
1. A pair of safety shoes
2. 2 pairs of coverall
3. A pair of eye goggles
4. 1 No. Safety Helmet
5. Pair of Muff (Applicable to noisy area)
6. 2Pcs. of Nose Masks (worn during equipment cleaning operation)
7. 1 Umbrella
8. A pair of rain boots
9. 2 pairs of dotted hand gloves
10. A pair of knuckle safety kit


Other safety items include:
a. Fire extinguishers (CO2 & DCP)
b. Fire blankets
c. Respiratory equipment
d. Leather hand gloves
e. Safety goggles
f. Safety harness
g. Safety signs boards
h. Equipped First Aid Box



The Management of CyberAccess Network in consultation with representatives of client’s shall deliberate on the safety of personnel and equipment as part of the contract during the pre-award stages. In this light, all foreseeable hazards will be highlighted and the need to complete the work before commission of the installation without accident will be stressed.

Pre-Mobilization/Inspection of Machines, Tools and Equipment
The Project Director, Contract Manager, QA Coordinator, Site Engineer shall carry out safety/technical inspection of all machines, equipment/tools for this job before taking them to site.

During mobilization, only machines, tools/equipment and materials approved by the client shall be transported to site. Standby vehicles will be assigned to the contract for conveying staff and materials during work hours/emergency on site.

HSE Meetings/Pep Talk
Daily safety pep talks shall be organized by the QA Coordinator in collaboration with the Project Engineer every morning for about 20minutes to acquaint workers with the need to make each day accident free. This shall be designed to evolve job safety analysis. Monthly safety meetings shall be organized on site to discuss matters on safety, health and welfare related to the project. The meeting shall be chaired by the Project Manager or Project Engineer, while the QA Coordinator will act as adviser.

HSE Inspections/Auditing
The work site shall be constantly monitored on daily basis by the QA Coordinator on activities carried out/workers attitude towards safety and ensuring compliance with safe work procedures and instruct workers where necessary on safety matters. Safety/Technical audit of all machines/tools shall be carried out and a report made on such audit where necessary.

Project Safety
Individual assumption of responsibility of safety is of vital importance in our safety administration and this will be frequently emphasized to the entire workforce throughout the project duration. We intend to adopt practical means to ensure that work is completed without disrupting normal work activities and fulfilling contractual agreement. Ensure work area is not accessible to unauthorized persons. We shall also take every precaution in causing the absolute minimum disruption to the existing System/Structure/Network Components and Facilities.

In our continued effort to personalize the attitude for individual staff, we shall insist on:

  • The job training in correct work methods.
  • Good supervision and immediate correction of violation of safe working practices to build safe work habits.
  • Recognition of personal contributions by CyberAccess Network Limited.


Personal Protective Equipment
All relevant personal protective equipment (PPE) will be provided to all personnel and their use strictly enforced.

Warning Signs
Adequate and suitably readable signs will be installed at strategic positions to caution workers and others that may be within the vicinity of the work site.

Standby Vehicles
We shall provide a standby vehicle on each site for any emergency that may arise in the course of the project execution.

Work Permit System
Before the commencement of any intending work, we shall obtain from the client representative an officially signed permit to work, designating the area and specifying the type and extent of the actual work to be carried out.
Where a high fire risk is envisaged in the course of the work, the company shall obtain from the client representative an officially signed Hot Work Permit before commencing work.

Good House Keeping
The company shall ensure that the working area and all temporary structures if any, be kept tidy at all times. Road, paths and access ways shall be kept clear and surplus/scrap materials removed daily to a safe place at the end of the day’s work.

Accident/Incident Reporting
The company shall immediately report to the client all accidents/incident occurring within the duration of the project whether or not they result in injury to a person or damage to property.
The immediate notification shall be followed by a full written report within 24hours. The client shall also be informed when a person is involved in loss of working days through an accident as well as when he resumes work.

Alcohol/Drug Policy
The company shall ensure that no employee or workman enters the work site with alcoholic drinks or drugs. Any employee found drunk with alcohol or drugs shall be summarily dismissed.

Medical/First Aid Administration
All employees shall be medically examined and certified of fitness shall be obtained from our retainer clinic before sending such employee to any of our work sites.
A well equipped first aid box shall be provided on site. Drugs dispensation shall be properly recorded and exhausted drugs replaced accordingly.

CyberAccess Network is committed to ensuring clean and healthy environment especially in the course of our work. The company takes environmental cleanliness and monitoring seriously to ensure that all Federal Agencies and the client’s interim guidelines are complied with as regards our operations. Every effort will be concentrated towards minimization of environmental safety hazards released during the course of work on the project site.
Our objective is to preserve and prolong the life and health of personnel, the environment and people that might be affected by our operations.

Fire Emergency Procedure
Our personnel are being trained such that anybody noticing fire will raise alarm/telephone client’s fire service, medical and security. Affected zone will be evacuated to relevant muster point nearer capable personnel to use extinguisher or blaze provided that it does not endanger his/her life.
Site Engineer account for all personnel reporting discrepancies to base emergency controller.

The company is also committed to ensure appropriate measures for the protection of its working environment from theft and sabotage.
This is achieved through restriction of unauthorized persons into office location and work site. Security personnel engaged by the company in its location/project site are to ensure the security of personnel, machinery, vehicles, work tools and equipment employed for the purpose of project execution.



The following measures and precautions are to be taken to forestall or reduce community problems:

  • Visit the community (where work is to be done at) before any work commences.
  • Engage the Elders and Youth Leaders and obtain their permission to work in their community.
  • Provide Community Development incentives where necessary or when demanded.
  • Employ locals for jobs that do not require skills or indigenes who possess the needed technical skills or qualifications work as professionals and respect their customs.
  • Keep away from their ‘gods’ sites, ‘religion’, criticism of the way of life and their women.
  • Restore work sites to original state when winding up the work.
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